5th Ontario District

Master's Message

R.A. (Reg) Campbell

District Master R.A. (Reg) Campbell


Worthy Sir Knights,

At the start of this year I feel it is good to pause and reflect back on the events of 2018 that have touched our District. Each of us will have unique experiences that will immediately come to mind. For myself the highlight as Master was the 40th Exemplification, hosted by Bishop John C. Cody Assembly #0879 in St. Thomas on November 17, 2018. Forty-three new Sir Knights joined on that day and I was extremely proud of our District. There have also been some very sad events that have touched me, the Passing of Former Master Peter Harding, Bishop Eugene LaRocque and Former Master Donald Strong. 

The past is just that and now it is time to embrace the present and plan for the future. Moving forward we have already set two exemplifications. The first will be a Provincial Exemplification held on Sunday April 28th at the conclusion of the Ontario State Convention in Niagara Falls. Further details regarding this exemplification will be sent out when I receive them.

The second exemplification will be held on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 in Essex at Holy Name of Jesus Church. Details regarding this exemplification will be distributed in the near future. 

The new uniform continues to occupy many members’ thoughts. I have received concerns from Assemblies considering closing because they could no longer wear the regalia. Questions about how could they participate in parades or be a visible presence at a wake service after June 30th. These are difficult positions and issues to address but ones that we, together must face courageously. 

There is no simple answer or guidance I can provide that will solve all of these concerns, but I believe that we can work through this transition. I feel it necessary for all of us, either individually or collectively, to take the time to pray about our future involvement and develop a plan to address these concerns and be brave enough to follow through with that plan. I have been made aware of several Assemblies calling meetings to address these members concerns and I applaud their initiative in this regard and pray that these will be positive and productive discussions.

While I wore the cape and chapeau proudly as a member of the Colour Corps I do not believe that it defined me. I have prayed long on this matter and now must be bold in moving. I pray that each of you will also find this courage and strength to seek appropriate courses of action.

I plan to continue my visits to Assemblies and have truly enjoyed all of my fellowship with you. Lady Rose and I especially enjoy spending social time with each Assembly and plan to continue to interact with as many Assemblies as possible this year.

In closing, please remember that there is a District meeting scheduled for April 6th, being hosted by the Andrew Michael Taggart Assembly #0888 at Visitation Parish in Comber. I encourage each Assembly to attend this meeting.

Yours in Fraternity and Patriotism.

R.A. (Reg) Campbell

Master 5th Ontario District

Master's Staff & Former Masters

 5th Ontario District Master's Staff

District Treasurer: 

SK. David Gelinas State Advocate, FDD, PGK, PFN (#2355)

District Secretary: vacant

District Recruitment Director:

SK. Randy Dennie, FDD, PGK, PFN (#0885)

Trustee 3 yrs: SK. Don Smith, PGK, PFN (#0867)

Trustee 2 yrs: SK. Andy Harkness, PFN (#2289)

Trustee 1 yr: SK. Stephen Cochrane, (#3601)

Trustee 1 yr (elect as of Sept 1st): SK Kevin Belanger (#0861)

District Bugler: SK. Daniel Gimpel, FIC, EPC, CPCA (#0885)

Website Administrator:

SK. David Gelinas, State Advocate, FDD, PGK, PFN (#2355)


Former Masters of 5th Ontario District

SK. W. Peter H. Harding, FDM, FDD, PGK, PFN (deceased)

SK. Douglas D. Shwaluk, FDM, FDD, PGK, PFN (#2046)

SK. James L. Farrand, FDM, FDD, PGK, PFN (#0862)

SK. Stanley E. Balakowski, FDM, FDD, PGK, PFN (#2355)

SK. William Tobin, FDM, PFN (#1789)

SK. James H. Houston, OMC, FDM, FDD, PGK, PFN (#0885)

SK. Henry Marentette, FDM, FDD, PGK, PFN (deceased)

SK. Donald Strong, FDM, PFN (deceased)

SK. Jerome P. McNamara, FDM, FDD, PGK, PFN (deceased)

District Exemplification Team

 Faithful Friar: Rev Fr & SK. Eugene Roy, E.V. 

(Assembly #1789) Tecumseh

District Master: SK. R.A. (Reg) Campbell, FDD, PGK, PFN

(Assembly #2355) Amherstburg

Team Captain: SK. Peter Hensel, FDD, PGK, PFN

(Assembly #2600) Wallaceburg

Historian: SK. Ted Richardson, FDD, PGK, PFN

(Assembly #0888) Tilbury

Defender of the Faith: SK. Vince Molloy, FDD, PGK

(Assembly #2335) Ingersoll

Expositor of the Constitution: SK. Daniel Gimpel, FIC, EPC, CPCA (Assembly #0885) Sarnia

Narrator: SK. Mark Roehler, FDD, PGK, PFN

(Assembly #0885) Sarnia

Registrar: SK. Greg Barr, PGK (Assembly #2600) 


Audio Director: SK. Gord Edwards, GK, FDD, PFN 

(Assembly #2097) Belle River

Video Director/Equipment: SK. David Gelinas, State Advocate, 

FDD, PGK, PFN (Assembly #2355) Amherstburg

Asst Video Director/Equipment: SK. Joe Legue, PFN 

(Assembly #0867) Chatham​

Marshall of the District: SK. Gord Edwards, GK, FDD, PFN 

(Assembly #2097) Belle River

District Marshall: SK. Philip Bezaire, PGK, PFN (#2600) Wallaceburg

District Marshall: SK. Paul Johnston, FN, FDD, PGK (#0867) Chatham​